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Nikki Hill Johnson

A former AOLer turned lifestyle coach with a few jobs in between! I write about health, fitness and other random mom things.

When I'm not working out, writing, chasing after my THREE children or wasting time on Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram, I'm baking unhealthy treats that totally contradict my otherwise healthy lifestyle.

Finding the time to do it all is a constant challenge, but I thrive on coffee and staying busy (and I may just be a little insane!). 


Recent Blog Posts

I not only lost weight and inches. I feel so much better and have more energy! I will not go back to my old eating habits again. The most important thing for me and my biggest reward is that I didn’t have a soda the entire challenge and I don’t ever want another one. This is coming from someone who had a few sodas a day!! Thanks so much Nikki!!!
— Christy G.