Team ReTREAT: Finding the Universe in Utah



It’s more than a workout. It’s more than a shake. It’s a community. It’s family. It’s pushing out of your comfort zone and growing more than you ever thought possible.

This weekend, I hosted a group of some of my hardest working team members in the mountain of Salt Lake City on a special retreat they had EARNED. The experience was truly MAGICAL.

You know you’ve locked arms with an amazing company when they invite us into their office for two hours filling our cups, encouraging us, giving us a tour and asking ”how can WE help YOU?” AND THEN when one of them spends her Friday night with us in our house teaching, inspiring and showing us that we all have the potential for greatness.... that is love!! 💕

We hiked, we bonded, we ate, we drank, we shared stories ... we CONNECTED. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many strong, motivated, determined women. 

I am forever grateful I said yes to this opportunity.