21 Day Fix Extreme Results

I did it!! I completed the 21 Day Fix Extreme with ZERO cheats and pushing play on every.single.workout!! If you follow me on Facebook then you saw my results already, which are freakin’ crazy, by the way! Autumn is my favorite! I seriously cannot believe how quickly my body changed. It just goes to show you that nutrition really is everything. I followed the Countdown to Competition meal plan for my first round and I am currently doing Round 2 on the Extreme Plan. You can find all my meal plans on my NEW meal plan page. I will be adding many more, so stay tuned! And if you would like to join me in a round, my next private accountability group starts on March 16th, so CLICK HERE to join!

So without further adieu. Here are my results!

 21 day fix results 4 images of weight loss

I feel absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see what a few more rounds does to my body. I feel energized and STRONG! We are heading to Cancun next month so I am WORKING hard for that bikini bod! Is that cliche? I don’t really care because I’ve had two kids and I want to rock a bikini, for real! Can ya feel me mamas?

So, what did I think about the program? In each of these videos below I go IN DEPTH about each week. What was hard, what was easy (um, nothing really. lol), where I struggled, how I combated my urges to cheat. I truly love this program and I think because it is HARD, I feel THAT much more satisfied that I stuck to my guns and came out with a great transformation. It’s ONLY 3 weeks. You can do anything for 3 weeks — and by the end, it’s a habit and you just want to keep going.