Behind the Weight Loss Transformation

A weight loss transformation photo can only tell you so much. It can show you a person’s physical transformation but it cannot tell you how they arrived at their current state– what they did, how long it took, the tears they cried, the moments of victory, how they now feel and the setbacks they had to get to that moment. A photo is just a glimpse into a current physical triumph. But a weight loss transformation is so much more than that.

I was talking to one of my BFFs recently who is on a postpartum journey and she said, “Do you ever contemplate how hard it is to actually lose weight?” And it got me thinking…

The discipline to overcome your excuses, to do things you DO NOT want to do, to NOT eat/drink things you reaaaallly want to eat/drink. Every single day it is a mental battle with your excuses. And every single day it is up to YOU to decide if you want to give in or if you want to work towards your goals.

Yes, there will be setbacks. Yes, there will be moments of weakness and moments of failure. THOSE moments are a part of your journey — and the journey NEVER ends. You don’t just arrive at your destination. Sometimes you get to your goal and you end up going backwards {guilty!}. But that is OKAY! You pick back up and continue on.

If I can leave you with one thing today it is to not be so hard on yourself when you slip up or when you skip your workout. You’re only human. BUT don’t let that moment overcome you and lose sight of the bigger picture.

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