Do You Want Your Pre-Baby Body Back?

How often do you hear moms say they want their “pre-baby body back?” Like, every other day right? Well, not this mom. My body pre babies (not pictured) was rarely strong, was rarely healthy, was subjected to continual yo-yo diets, was deprived, was hated. I don’t ever want to go back to that body again.

My body now is strong, vibrant, has carried two beautiful babies and is HEALTHIER than it’s ever been. So, yes, I now have stretch marks on my stomach, my thighs, my breasts and hips. Yes, I have stretched out skin from my pregnancies/weight gain that I’m still trying to accept, but damn if I’m not happier with my body now than I ever was before.

I had to learn how to make this a lifestyle and not just another round of the friggin’ South Beach Diet (that was my go-to diet!). It’s hard. It’s an every day decision to keep living this lifestyle and I don’t know where I would be without the support and without the desire to help other people feel the way I do. Because it’s possible to feel better AFTER baby! I’m living proof! 
Are you ready to feel that way?

My October accountability group filled up before I even had a chance to post about it and my November group is almost filled so if you are ready to commit apply here >>

 nikki before and after pictures