First Day of School Freedom

This morning we had a “full circle moment” that I almost took for granted. I’m so used to Ben being home with us that it didn’t even hit me until the excitement of getting Molly off to school had died down.

It’s only been 18 months since we retired Ben from Corporate America. He used to wake up before the kids were up and commute an hour in DC rush hour traffic where he would spend his day miserable in a cubicle. Then he would sit in an hour of traffic on the ride home and be lucky to tuck the kids in. Most of the time they were already asleep.

Everything has changed since those days. This morning he set his alarm and popped out of bed at 5:30am to start working on Molly’s special first day of school chocolate chip pancakes. He woke her up and brought her downstairs. He helped me make her lunch. And then he went upstairs to wake up Burke so we could all stand at the bus stop together as a family. That experience may not have ever happened had Beachbody not come into our lives.

Later today he gets to take Burke to the bus stop and wait with him for Molly to come home. And every single day he will be there before school and after school – never having to miss a moment because of a boss telling him work is more important.

I am forever grateful I took a chance on this Beachbody thing. I didn’t know what I was doing. I had no experience. I just took the training and ran with it. Almost three years later our lives are completely different and we are our own bosses. Now THAT is freedom! 🙌🏼

***You know what I’m gonna say right? 😜 Beachbody doesn’t guarantee any income or success – you have to bust your butt!***

 ben and nikki cute selfie