Sparkly Homemade Playdough

We go through playdough like CRAZY in this house. It’s actually quite annoying because it is pretty much my fault. Molly asks to play with it so I get it out and all set up. She plays with it for awhile while I’m working or cleaning (ha!) and then we go about our merry way. Without fail I ALWAYS forget about it because we’ve moved on to something else. About an hour or so later I walk over to the table and it’s sitting there drying up. WHY does it dry up SO fast? Well, probably because Molly likes to crumble it up in little pieces (ugh).

I asked my friend for a recipe because I am SO over the store bought and she gave me this awesome recipe. We made some today and so far it’s a hit! Supposedly it keeps for much longer as well. I’ll keep you posted on that! Here’s the recipe, but click over to the blog for photos and advice on how to keep it lasting longer.

The BEST Homemade Playdough Recipe


  • 1 C Flour
  • 1 C Water
  • 1/4 C Salt
  • 1 TBSP Vegetable Oil
  • 2 tsp Cream of Tarter
  • Food Coloring (I used the coloring I use for my icing)
  • Glitter (from the craft cabinet!)

Just mix all the ingredients together with a whisk until it’s clump-free, then heat over medium heat constantly stirring until it all sticks together.

Voila! So pretty and sparkly!

 sparkly playdough recipe black with sprinkles