When to Call BS On Yourself

I wish I could remember the exact moment when I finally got fed up with my own bullshit excuses and realized that no one could change my life other than me.

I wish I could tell you that it was one particular incident. This amazing a ha moment of like "yes! I should do that!"

But there wasn't.

It was a culmination of things and a lot of fear.

- It was the constant stress of dwindling finances and shitty freelance jobs. 
- It was the pit in my stomach at every check out line. 
- It was having to shop at second hand stores for kid clothes (not that there is anything wrong with that... I just wanted to buy brand new crocs for my kid and I couldn't afford them!)
- It was fight after fight about money.
- It was wondering what the fuck happened to my life and why I wasn't where I thought I would be in my thirties.
- It was wanting more... so much more.

And I think it was that very last thought - of wanting more for myself and my family that pushed me through the fear. I mean, I literally had hit my bullshit breaking point and couldn't take another minute of doing the same thing over and over and feeling depressed.

So I took a chance on an opportunity that presented itself. I huge what if. I remember thinking "What am I doing?! I don't know how to sell anything. I am not a fitness OR nutrition expert. This is crazy."

But for whatever reason I went through with it. When you are at a low point there is nowhere to go but up and that is where I was. I knew that if I wanted to change my life then I had an opportunity to do so right here. Everything was provided for me. Do this. Do that. Watch this. Read this. Done. The success was proven if I put in the work.

So I did this. I did that. I watched all the things and read all the books. I hustled. I treated it as a business and not a hobby. And as the years have passed I have created an amazing and wonderful (and lucrative) business that supports my whole family. And you know what, you can do it too!

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