Phone Detox Week 1

It’s been a week since I posted about my phone addiction and I was surprised (although I don’t know why!) at how much it resonated with so many of you. It seems that A LOT of us have the same addiction. Our phones have a hold on us. And maybe that is because I am friends with a lot of fellow network marketers and entrepreneurs who are much more likely to feel as though we have to stay connected at all times. We are not just addicted to our phones but we are addicted to the thrill of the sale and the potential to change lives with what we have to offer. That combination makes it even harder to detox, in my humble entrepreneur opinion.

So, how was my week? It was hard but it was also freeing and eye-opening. I found myself living in the present moment much more and actually enjoying it! I found joy in watching my kids play with one another, giggling their little faces off. Typically when they are playing together I use that as a chance to check email, scroll Facebook or Instagram, get some kind of work in. But this time I just soaked up all their cuteness and it made me SO happy! Way happier than the momentary high I would get from my phone.

I am still trying to get used to eating without a distraction. I find myself reaching for a magazine to read. Which, I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing, but I am wanting to be more intentional with my food and part of that requires me to fully enjoy what I’m putting in my body and I cannot connect with those feelings if I am distracted by a magazine or a phone. However, this is going to be a life-long habit to break for I was reading while eating long before there were smartphones. But back then it was the comic section of the newspaper or the back of a cereal box!

Let’s talk about physical symptoms because I know some of you mentioned how you immediately felt anxiety at the thought of disconnecting from your phone. This is a real physical response!! Pay attention to it and realize how unhealthy it is! I was physically and emotionally triggered ALL week. My brain was angry at me for not letting it get what it wanted… that phone fix. I felt real anger and frustration at times and I wanted to give in. I also went a little lax on my rules over the weekend and it was 10 times harder to stick to my boundaries on Monday. So therefore I am pretty much detoxing all over again!

I think the key for me is figuring out WHY I am feeling pulled to check my phone in those moments… am I trying to escape reality? Am I just bored? Am I procrastinating? Once I can figure out WHY I am wanting to get on my phone so much I can then train my brain with a response other than reaching for my phone.

  • FACE reality because you can’t hide from everything in life.

  • Bored? Go pick up your book, play with your kids, go on a walk, bust out your journal, start a fun project, turn on music and dance or just watch some Real Housewives (I’m not judging).

  • Procrastinating? (I am queen of this) Just do the damn thing. As Mel Robbins says, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1. GO!” Procrastinating is not going to get you to where you want to be.

All in all, the week went really really well even though it was hard. I definitely have room for improvement but my phone told me that I went from 8 hours (omg throw up in my mouth) a day to only 3 hours a day. If you really want some accountability you will not ignore that weekly report your iPhone sends you. Take a good long hard look at it and notice how many times you pick up that overpriced {beautiful!} piece of metal you are obsessed with. It’s sickening. But it’s an amazing wake up call and an opportunity for you to improve and maybe find some time in your day to do things that bring you joy, light you up or even improve your life in a positive way!

Keep me posted on how you are doing!!