Crystals for Pregnancy

Trigger Warning: pregnancy/fertility

I want to preface this post by acknowledging my privilege of never having to experience the difficulties of conceiving a child nor have I ever experienced a pregnancy loss. Although I cannot possibly know what that heartache feels like in either situation my heart is with every family who goes through such emotional turmoil.

My four pregnancies were all somewhat different. I laugh when people make assumptions about symptoms to predict the sex of the baby. Especially the "oh you are really sick so that must mean girl!" I have two boys and two girls. My first girl and my second boy both made me hurl every morning! My first boy and my second girl barely made me dry heave. So sorry to burst your bubble but those old wives' tales are just that.... tales!

But one big difference in my pregnancies was that I didn't have crystals in my life for my first two and I did for my last two! The crystals definitely didn't help my hormone-induced symptoms (unfortunately) but they did bring me a sense of peace and grounding when I felt very out of control at times. I also brought them to my last two labors which I believed played a big part in helping me through pitocin-induced, epidural-free deliveries!

I often get asked what crystals I recommend for pregnancy/fertility and I think what a special/unique baby shower gift crystals would be for your favorite preggo! Here are my top recommendations:

1. Rose Quartz - this is my top pick and one of my most recommend crystals for a lot of different categories, but especially with pregnancy and postpartum. Rose quartz is the ultimate love stone so it can help expecting moms practice self-love - which is so key in pregnancy when our bodies are ever-changing. The frequency of rose quartz can also help with lowering stress and tension in the body. Lastly, this stone can help enhance the mother/baby bond during pregnancy which can sometimes be difficult for mothers. Personally, I had a difficult time connecting with my babies before their births.

2. Moonstone - Often called the “goddess stone” or "the mother's healing stone", Moonstone is commonly used among those wishing to conceive. It can help balance hormones and regulate periods. It is also said that the frequency of moonstone can help prepare your body for lactation after birth. I highly recommend finding a moonstone bracelet to wear on your conception and pregnancy journey!

3. Carnelian - This is one of my favorite stones to use on the sacral chakra. It is often my go-to for my clients during our crystal healing sessions and I have an amazing testimonial about how using carnelian helped one of my clients with pain in her abdomen. During pregnancy, many women face a lot of fears, from making sure their baby is safe in the womb to the unknowns of labor and delivery which is where carnelian comes into play as it is known to support courage and self-esteem. Speaking of getting that baby safely earthside, this stone is also known to aid labor and delivery, providing confidence and endurance and helping to calm and remove anxiety.

4. Lepidolite - Lastly, I love this soothing stone and it's not traditionally one that is lumped in with pregnancy stones but it helps you SLEEP!! Do you know how hard it is to sleep when you're expecting? From the crazy dreams to the baby on your bladder to the inability to sleep on your stomach or back (I slept on my back anyway..shhh.) this stone can help aid in that insomnia. Lepidolite is also known as the "stone of transition" and I couldn't think of a better word to describe pregnancy than transition. 

Let me know if you end up using any of these during your pregnancy or if you gift them to someone expecting! You may also find this blog post about Crystals for Anxiety helpful as a lot of women experience anxiety during this timeframe. 


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