Easy Tips to Stay Grounded

grounding Apr 17, 2020

Ask my neighbors...my kids are almost always running around barefoot. In fact, I encourage it! Why? Because that connection to the Earth is so important! 🌎⁣

As adults, most of us have lost that connection with nature. In this crazy time, I encourage you to get outside as much as possible. Let's take notice of our kids and the lessons they can teach us because they are almost always trusting their intuition and inner voice. 

Actually, walking around barefoot is my favorite way to get grounded. What does being grounded even mean? Being grounded is the ability to be completely aware and conscious during the present moment. When you are grounded you have a strong connection to the Earth and you feel safe, protected and know that you are taken care of no matter what trials you go through in your life. 

I know what you're thinking. "It's easy for you Nikki because you live in Charleston where it's warm most of the year! I live where it's SO cold... I can't go outside barefoot!" Okay okay, yes the barefoot outside is definitely easy for me, but it's not the only way to get quickly grounded. Here are some additional ways:

  • hug a tree! 
  • breathe deeply
  • take a cold shower
  • go for a walk without distractions (no podcasts/music/conversations)
  • visualization

My favorite visualization is sitting quietly in a chair with my feet flat on the floor. I imagine that there are roots coming from my feet and they go deep into the earth all the way down and wrap around the core. I sit in this visualization for a few minutes. If roots feel weird to you then you could imagine a beam of light connecting yourself from your heart to the core of the earth. Whatever feels best for you!

Signs you need to do some grounding:

  • trouble focusing
  • feel spacey or like your nerves are shot
  • difficulty communicating
  • live mostly in fear
  • engage in drama
  • perpetual anxiety and worry

If you find yourself struggling with these things often then I encourage you to practice grounding daily. If you need to accelerate your results feel free to book a crystal healing session where we can use crystals to help balance your root chakra - the energy center that helps you stay grounded. Happy grounding!


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