High Vibe Friday Five: Volume 2

friday five Jul 02, 2021

Happy High Vibe Friday!!

The feedback I got last week about this new weekly roundup makes my heart happy! I love sharing things that spark joy, that make life a bit easier, and that ultimately help me live in a higher vibration. I know it's weird to think that a certain product could help you live in a higher vibration but we have to remember that our emotions are what dictate our vibration and as humans, everything is affecting our emotions. So yes, maybe cleaning the bathroom is not helping me live in the highest vibration but maybe using a cleaner that actually works and gets the pee smell out is going to help me vibrate a little higher the next time I go to the bathroom because it won't smell like a porta-potty!! 

Just a reminder: a lot of these links I share are affiliate links and I will receive a small kickback when you purchase, so thank you in advance if you decide to grab some of my high vibe recs!)

Alright, let’s get right on into it! 


I MEAN..... can you even with this gorgeous carnelian?? I actually went to the Wild|Alabaster site to share the July birthstones with you because it's my birthday month (yay!) but this literally stopped me in my tracks. Which I think is funny because normally I'm not a fan of the flame shape, but carnelian is by far my favorite sacral chakra stone and I had to share this gorgeousness. If she is calling to you go snag her up because these babies go fast! Or you can click around because Rachael is always curating the most beautiful, ethically sourced stones.



I'm turning 39 this month and after living through a pandemic where I didn't make the best choices for my body I decided I needed to make some changes if I want to be my healthiest self when I turn 40. I personally think that when we are striving to live a high vibrational life we forget about the health of our bodies -- we talk so much about manifesting and meditating that we skip over the fact that what we put INTO our bodies TOTALLY affects our vibration. When you feel good you vibrate higher.... simple as that! So I took a hard look at what I was putting into my body and what I was NOT putting into my body and decided to add some things into my morning routine that made it a bit easier. 

One is a clean-ingredient turmeric supplement. I know you've heard about the benefits of turmeric -- it's been highly recommended everywhere the past couple of years because it is a potent anti-inflammatory. I also suffer from depression and there have been studies that show it can help with that and I'll take all the help I can get!

The other is a clean-ingredient greens supplement. Let's be real... none of us are getting enough greens! This supplement is freaking amazing and of all the greens powders I've had in my life, this one doesn't taste like shit. I actually mix it together with the turmeric in a glass of water!  


Alright... if you follow me on Facebook then you know I have had the hardest time getting my bathroom to NOT smell like a public men's restroom. I swear my 4-year-old is trying to pee everywhere EXCEPT in the damn toilet. And I am at my wit's end. I crowd-sourced my FB friends with boys and got a LOT of recommendations for products. I do think one, in particular, is working but I'm not ready to share it because I want to make sure it's long-lasting. Well, I had guests coming over and I didn't know what to do to mask the pee smell so I went on an Amazon hunt for a plug-in diffuser or a battery-operated one. Let me tell you there aren't many!! At least not with good reviews. But this one is PERFECT. It's so cute and mini and doesn't need water! So until I get to the root of the problem this one is helping me NOT lower my vibration every time I go to the bathroom :P :P 


Well, you can't use a diffuser without oils and unfortunately, a lot of low-priced oils are filled with total crap ingredients. But sometimes you just gotta stick to your budget. So what's a budget-conscious, clean-ingredient freak, essential-oil-loving gal to do? Research the shit out of oils and find something that is not only better on my wallet and CLEAN but has the same blends of my favorite more expensive oils!! My absolute favorite oil is Peace & Calming by Young Living but this is their version of it and it smells EXACTLY the same. So, happy shopping! You're welcome! 


Speaking of budgets..... raise your hand if you don't really have a full grasp on your money. If you are anything like the old Nikki you are an ostrich with your head in the sand. Barely checking your account, crossing fingers that you have enough to do what you want, always optimistic that the Universe will take care of you but MASSIVELY stressed out -- which usually comes in waves because being an ostrich is easier (and more fun!) than checking your account and feeling stressed about money right? Sound familiar? lol! This was my life no matter how much money I was making and living in stress is NOT a high vibe way of life. Something that truly changed my life and my money mindset is a web-based app called YNAB - You Need a Budget. Now, head's up.... there is a little bit of a learning curve but their Facebook group is SO helpful and they have so many tutorials and workshops. Once you get the hang of it I legit promise you: it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I know that's a big statement, but I truly believe it. If anything, it will give you peace of mind and help you figure out your priorities. I'm working on a money mindset offering that I will be releasing later this year and I owe a lot of the changes I've made to YNAB.... so stayed tuned for that! In the meantime, CLICK HERE FOR A FREE MONTH-LONG TRIAL OF YNAB!


And that's our High Vibe Five for the week but I’ll be on the lookout to share some amazingness with you next week! And if you have anything to recommend to me or my audience, please let me know! Thank you to those of you sending your recs, I am planning on highlighting some of your high vibe recommendations next week so keep them coming!!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Peace, Love & Crystals - Nikki


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