High Vibe Friday Five: Volume 4

friday five Jul 23, 2021

Happy High Vibe Friday!!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll see that I took some much-needed time off to enjoy play and joy while my sister and her family came into town, so I skipped last week's Friday Five. But we are back this week and I have some fun things to share! Don't forget to send me any recommendations you are loving! Anything that is helping you to remain in a high vibrational state!

Just a reminder: some of these links I share are affiliate links and I (or one of my subscribers) will receive a small kickback when you purchase, so thank you in advance if you decide to grab some of my high vibe recs!) 


Rachael from Wild|Alabaster does it again with her latest curated collection: The Wanderlust Collection where she teamed up with Ixchel Triangle to bring beautiful handmade bags to carry your crystals with you! I couldn't just pick one offering to share with you so if you click here you can shop based on your needs and budget. Each collection is intuitively chosen and one of a kind! Due to the natural nature of crystals, each will vary slightly in color and size as sizing is based on weight.



Deodorant Nikki?! Seriously? Okay, I know, but hear me out!! First of all, how can you be in a high vibe state if all you are worried about is if you smell?! AND how hard is it to find a clean deodorant that actually works and doesn't actually irritate your pits? I was recently using a well-known clean ingredient brand deodorant (I won't name it!) and it was NOT working for me at all. I loved the smell of the actual deodorant but it didn't help with odor at all... and I play a lot of tennis. So I switched to this which I love. I like that it's not a stick -- it's a roll-on. And it also doesn't have a strong smell at all. But the best was when my husband said, "I don't know if it's your new deodorant but you don't smell like onions anymore!" LOLOLOL wow.... thanks, hun. 


Okay, I might be late to the Untamed train but I just started listening to the audiobook and I am in love. I have always been a big Glennon fan and I listen to her podcast, but reading books is hard when you have four kids! My go-to audio while cleaning, folding laundry, and straightening my house are true crime podcasts but I decided to switch things up and listen to the books I want to read. Click here to snag the book on Amazon. Get ready to be inspired! 



Pride month is over but that doesn't mean we stop showing our allyship for those in marginalized communities. My friend Amber sent me this shop, Bianca Designs, and I have a thing for stickers.... I have them all over my water bottle. Look at how cute these stickers are! Pride flags made with squiggly lines instead of straight ones 😂 Bianca is a Queer Gender-fluid Latinx Designer & Artist who enjoys creating inclusive pride art that provides representation and visibility. Go click around and find some pride decor!


Y'all really enjoyed my Higher Self meditation I shared 2 weeks ago so I thought I would share my Youtube Meditation Playlist with you. These aren't my meditations but they are some of my daily 10-15 minute go-to's. They are all guided and I am pretty picky about what meditations I save to this playlist so make sure you bookmark it because I am constantly updating it!


And that's our High Vibe Five for the week but I’ll be on the lookout to share some amazingness with you next week! And if you have anything to recommend to me or my audience, please let me know! Thank you to those of you sending your recs!!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Peace, Love & Crystals - Nikki


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