Hi, I'm Nikki and I'm Addicted to my Phone

It's rare these days that I'm fully alone with my thoughts. Between the "mom mom mom mommy mommmmm"s and the addiction to my phone (oh yes, it's bad) there is little time for my thoughts. And then I find myself tired, cranky, unfulfilled and wondering where my day went. Or I feel as if I'm doing so much, but getting nowhere. 

I've always been someone who has loved being busy. I prided myself on doing "all the things!" Hell, I was a mom, wife, cake baker, freelance writer, blogger and Beachbody Coach all at one time. I was super proud of juggling all that, but I can guarentee that I sucked at a lot of those roles because I was spread so thin. I rarely stayed still and definitely never sat alone with my thoughts. How boring.

Now, I {try to} wake up early to sit alone with my thoughts... hence this blog post! Amazing what putting away my phone and waking up before everyone else can produce! Words! The more time I spend alone with my thoughts the more creative I become. The more calm I feel. The more connected I am to myself and to the energy around me.

And the less I feel the pull to check my phone.

The addiction is real y'all. Do you feel it too?

So I got to thinking... when I was alone with my thoughts ;) How can I spend more time with my thoughts and less time with my phone?

Is the answer in creating boundaries? Ones that I implement and actually stick to? So here is my personal and PUBLIC accountability.

  • NO phone in the AM until the kids have gone to school
  • NO phone while I'm eating
  • NO checking social media while I'm working -- it has become a major procrastination tool.
  • NO phone from 3-7:30pm when my kids get home from school to the time they are in bed.
  • NO phone at bedtime -- stays OUT of the bedroom and I use a REAL alarm clock.

I literally am already feeling a physical reaction to the disconnection. How terrible is that? 

But I am excited to see what kind of change can occur, how much more productive I can be and how bad my addiction really is. For so long I've used the excuse "Oh my business is online. I can work from my phone." But that is a bullshit excuse and I'm calling myself out. MOST of the work I do can be done from the computer and when I'm on my phone I'm just killing {wasting!} time. 

So if I have less Instagram stories, if I take longer to respond to your FB messages, your texts and your emails... just know that I'm trying to be more present in my life and trying to think more thoughts. :) 


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