The Pandemic and a Sacral Chakra Blockage

chakras crystal healing Apr 24, 2020

A week or so ago (I think... everything these days is melting together) I mentioned that in all of my recent crystal healing sessions every single person has had a blocked sacral chakra. I then stated I would make a live video about it. But, because I have four children home with me 24/7 during this quarantine, it's been really difficult to find a quiet place to do a live video {shocker!}! So instead of making you wait longer, I decided I would just type it all out instead. I will eventually make that video, but for now, this should suffice ;)

First, it is important to note that our lower chakras: root, sacral & solar plexus are the first chakras to develop as young children. They keep us grounded and connected to the physical world and they are greatly tied to our identity. They are the chakras that carry our beliefs around protection, security, stability... they govern emotions, creativity, passion, and pleasure.

But let's look at just...

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