Crystals for Pregnancy

Trigger Warning: pregnancy/fertility

I want to preface this post by acknowledging my privilege of never having to experience the difficulties of conceiving a child nor have I ever experienced a pregnancy loss. Although I cannot possibly know what that heartache feels like in either situation my heart is with every family who goes through such emotional turmoil.

My four pregnancies were all somewhat different. I laugh when people make assumptions about symptoms to predict the sex of the baby. Especially the "oh you are really sick so that must mean girl!" I have two boys and two girls. My first girl and my second boy both made me hurl every morning! My first boy and my second girl barely made me dry heave. So sorry to burst your bubble but those old wives' tales are just that.... tales!

But one big difference in my pregnancies was that I didn't have crystals in my life for my first two and I did for my last two! The crystals definitely...

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