Crystals & Kids

One of the most common questions I get about crystals is "How do I pick crystals for my kids?" and I absolutely love getting this question because the simple answer is: you don't! 

Wait, what?

Yes... you don't pick crystals for your kids. You let them pick their crystals! Kids are naturally drawn to these beautiful stones. Ever wonder why your child wants to pick up rocks? Or maybe your child has a rock collection already! Children are much more intuitive than adults and they can most likely pick up on the high vibrational frequencies these stones create.

So, take your kids to the crystal shop with you! BUT I will warn you that most shops are not great places for children so watch them like a hawk or you may end up bringing home something you didn't intend to purchase. Like the time my then 3-year-old knocked over a giant piece of petrified wood that split in half. Thankfully the owner gave us a significant discount, but now I have TWO huge pieces of petrified wood in my...

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