So you want to learn more about crystals?

Crystals are everywhere these days... in jewelry, on Instagram and even at Home Goods! So what is it about these beautiful, magical minerals that people love? Join Nikki & Shanna as they take you on a journey to get you quickly acquainted with the history, power and science that will take you from novice to knowledgeable in just a quick couple of hours!

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Mom of three, online health & fitness coach, reiki master in training, crystal healer in training, loves meditating & wine
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Mom of two, certified holistic health coach, reiki master, akashic records facilitator in training...... 

Nikki and Shanna crossed paths when Nikki's family moved into a home on the same street as Shanna. With their children the same ages they very quickly became friends while attending playdates. Shanna, a crystal collector since childhood, took Nikki to an angel card reading where Nikki purchased her first crystal, a dalmation jasper, and the crystal obsession began! The two have been practicing their spiritual gifts on one another over the past three years, have created their online Earth Angel Tribe and after many request, have begun to create online courses for those who wish to learn more about tapping into the magic of life!