What is a Crystal Healing Session?


Crystal healing is an holistic, non-invasive, vibrational energy-based system of healing. What I do during the session -- either in person or via distance -- is I connect with your energetic body (we all have one) and I go through your 7 main chakras. Using a pendulum, I can measure the energetic state of each of your chakras and find out where you may have some imbalances that could be impacting your every day life.

Unlike humans, crystals are very balanced.... they vibrate at the same frequency all the time whereas we have so many different frequencies throughout our bodies. For example, our heart vibrates at a totally different frequency than say our liver! We are all over the place! So we use the crystals to entrain our energy with theirs. (Remember the tuning fork experiment in science class? It's a similar concept!) The crystals are creating a more stable and usually HIGHER frequency for us to rise to. Pretty cool!! 

So what can cause our chakras to become out of balance? Well basically... life! Each chakra represents part of our physical body and anything we go through in life can be imprinted in our energetic bodies and stay there. It is said that physical ailments are first manifested through our emotions and stored in our energetic bodies and when those feelings are unresolved they manifest into the physical form -- typically in sickness. It is quite fascinating if you want to go down that rabbit hole!

How Does a Distance Session Work?

It's actually quite easy!! All you have to do is book a time with me... I do not need you to actually be available, I just need you to not be driving at the time I am conducting your session. I will connect energetically at the time of the session and work my way through your chakras while conducting the healing. It is about a 45 minute process. At the end of the session your angels, spirit guides and ascended masters lead me to choose a card for you to help give you even more clarity. I will then provide you a fully detailed email of the session including all the crystals used on each chakra!

Nikki’s crystal healing session was spot on for what I am struggling with right now, I already feel lighter and more open. Also the angel card was very pertinent to where I am in my journey.
— Ashley
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I had my first crystal healing experience with Nikki last night, and I am amazed by how spot-on her feedback was. She gave me insights into areas of my life that I have been struggling with, and today I felt like I had more clarity on positive ways to move forward. I felt lighter and really empowered to face things with an open mind and positive attitude. My husband got back from a work trip this afternoon and said “What did you do? You look 10 years younger!” so clearly something worked! The Angel card reading was also very helpful in adding another layer of reflection for me to consider. Overall, this was a phenomenal experience, and I’m sure I will want to schedule another session in the future.
— Sally