Do you feel like your life needs some up-leveling?

Some days you are pressing snooze (maybe more than once!), running behind while living on coffee and kid leftovers. Other days you are journaling up a storm, meditating and feeling all the good vibes. But you just can’t find consistency and a way to stay in that high vibe place. I know what it's like to feel pulled in all directions and to think I don't have enough time to do all the things I want to raise my vibration. I have felt like I had to choose between a mediation or a workout, a book or a nap, my kids or my sanity (ha!). Well, I'm here to tell you that you absolutely can achieve balance and happiness in your mind, your body AND your spirituality practice without the stress! You can become a total High Vibe Babe!

Introducing High Vibe Babe


A 6-week, course that was created to help you find balance and consistency in your spirituality practice... so that you can stay vibing high and when you do get knocked down you know exactly how to get back up!

Because you deserve to feel amazing!

The details...

High Vibe Babe will be a 6-week course. Each week we will build upon the week before.

WEEK 1: 

  • Learning all about high vibe vs low vibe foods and how to maintain high energy

  • Decluttering old beliefs, emotions & stuff that holds you back


  • Movement & Mediation — we will discuss the importance of both and I will give you examples of how I incorporate them into my life

  • Creating a daily self care practice that is easy to stick to


  • Journaling & gratitude practices

  • A focus on personal & spiritual growth


  • Learning all about crystals: their history, how they work, how to use them

  • I will recommend six crystals for your beginner tool kit!


  • Getting clear on your goals moving forward

  • And manifesting them


  • Wrapping everything up!

  • Taking inspired action to create sustainable success

Who the hell am I?


Hi, I'm Nikki! Even after losing 50lbs with amazing fitness/nutrition tools I was STILL struggling. I was on my third postpartum journey & I just could not lose my baby weight. I finally found a solution and proceeded to lose 20lbs with minimal exercise and complete food freedom!

It was not just a nutrition plan but it was a mindset shift which came along with a ton of spiritual & personal growth. Since starting this nutrition plan I have become a certified crystal healer, level 1 reiki certified and my spiritual practice is strong.

I truly believe it has been a trifecta of mind, body & spirit which has led me to see such amazing success. It took me longer than it will take you because I have created a shortcut to help you implement everything right away to see massive change and growth.... well, and loss!

I'm here to help, but you have to take the first step! 

So WHO is This For?

The woman who is ready to PUT HERSELF FIRST in her life.

This is for the woman who is READY to dig deep to become her best self.

This is for the woman who wants to have ENERGY and wants to feel CONFIDENT again.

This is for the woman who CRAVES freedom from the voice in her head.

This is for the woman who wants to make a PERMANENT change in her life.

This is for the woman who wants to move FORWARD and never look back.

What Exactly Do You Get?

  • 45 minute distance crystal healing session by me
    (valued at $55)

  • lifetime access to 21 short videos that teach the basics of the nutrition program.

  • lifetime access to 5 videos that help address the most common challenges to losing weight and establishing a healthier relationship with food.

  • lifetime access to 15 recipe videos where you will learn how to cook time-saving, delicious and satisfying meals!

  • A Getting Started Guide

  • A Go-to-Guide, a handy resource that accompanies the videos, featuring food lists, grocery shopping lists and more

  • Recipes booklet

  • My Tracker, a 90-day journal you can use to track your meals, progress, and all the daily inputs that can influence your weight loss journey and success

  • A special 30 oz water bottle that helps get you drinking more water with motivational sayings to keep you on track
    (All of the above valued at $120)

  • a year of Beachbody on Demand, which is a streamable virtual gym! Any workout you can do anywhere from your phone, laptop, tablet, etc!
    (valued at $99)

  • a daily superfood supplement which I use to make my delicious overnight oats -- it literally takes the guesswork out of breakfast for 30 days!
    (valued at $130)

  • Access to me as your coach for life!
    (valued at priceless!)


This is Your Investment in Yourself


The results with JUST the nutrition program alone speak for themselves...


“I have always struggled with my relationship to food. Since I was a kid. Food was my treat. My stress relief. When I first started my journey with I lost 70 pounds out of sheer determination. But after that I gained and lost the same 20 pounds for two years and it was majorly affecting my confidence and my health. This nutrition course gave me the tools to change from the inside out.

Once I fully implemented it was like something unlocked in my brain! These results are over birthdays, holidays, a road trip and a week at an all inclusive resort. I feel SO EMPOWERED to live my life FREE of being on a diet while also still able to stay healthy. It’s the best feeling ever!!! My confidence and energy are through the roof! This is my plan for life!”

— Becka.


“I began this course at about 6-7 months postpartum. I was one of those people that thought because I was working out that I could eat whatever I wanted.. especially during my pregnancy.

I gained 50+ lbs with my third pregnancy. I started working out at 3-4 weeks postpartum and never missed a day... but I just couldn’t ever get my nutrition in check. I hate feeling deprived and I hate feeling like I can’t live my life.

I needed a mindset shift... I needed nutrition that was freeing, not restricting or “perfect”. I needed to understand and change my mindset with my hunger, my after dinner habits, and WHY all of this matters.

In one month... ONE MONTH... I lost the last 15 lbs I had been hanging onto and I was STILL figuring out the 2B mindset. NOW, 5 months later - it is my lifestyle. I feel freedom and joy in my weight loss... I feel like ME for the first time probably ever.

This has been the easiest weight I’ve ever lost - not only the weight on my body - but the weight on my mind & soul. I feel like the chains of perfection in nutrition have been lifted and I can now live my best & healthiest most intuitive life forever without ever gaining that weight back. ”

— Melissa

"I have been a binge eater for most of my adult life. I used to cycle dangerously between starving and binging and let the cycle continue.

When I started with Beachbody and Insanity, I lost 30lbs and felt AMAZING ... but it was almost like I couldn’t allow myself to continue my journey and be happy with my relationship with food.

I would go on binging sprees, then lose weight with a program, and back to binging. The cycle of a 30 day, 60 day, or 90 day restriction plan right into a binge felt like what I was doing all my years of dieting and I was tired of it.

Even though I kept up with my workouts, I still gained 30 lbs while pregnant and gained even MORE after pregnancy trying to keep up my milk supply while breastfeeding after a reduction with tons of “hydration drinks” filled with sugar and high fat nursing cookies.

With this course ... all that changed. I lost weight over Thanksgiving and Christmas for the first time in my life because it was no longer a binge opportunity. Instead, it was an opportunity to happily enjoy my food, track it, and move on. I didn’t need the special drinks and cookies to keep my milk supply up and am happy to report I am still nursing my almost 8 month old even while losing 20 lbs.

The weight comes off almost daily now and the scale stopped being a monster and started being my favorite tool for success! I can’t wait to continue this for LIFE WHILE incorporating my 30, 60, or 90 day workout programs.

This program is truly for everyone, but if you struggle with your relationship with food — then it is going to blow you away ❤️"

— Rachel