Welcome to Team PosiTude and congratulations on becoming a COACH!! We want to support you in the way that helps you achieve YOUR goals. Think about what Beachbody means to you and how we can help you. But remember, creating success is really up to YOU! When you succeed, it’s going to be YOU who creates success.  We are here to guide you every step of the way! If you run, we run. We promise to always meet you halfway and be there to support you along the way.



  • Click here>>> NEW COACH training should not be skipped! Let's talk about inviting to your challenge group, handling objections and Shakeology basics!


  • Social Media Bootcamp -- our business is run on social media so it's time to brush up on your skills. This course has an accompanying Facebook group with it so make sure you join. Within the group you will find discussions for each module as well as photo albums with example posts you can use for inspiration on your own social media platforms. 


  • Branding Bootcamp -- as a coach it is important to brand yourself. You don't want to be a walking Beachbody billboard, so this training will walk you through how to create your brand that others will connect with, how to attract your dream team and how to never run out of social media content!


  • By now you should have your first group up and running! You should be doing your vital behaviors daily and really growing your confidence as a coach. If you have not yet reached the rank of Emerald Coach talk to your sponsor about ways to make that your next goal. Make sure you are checking into Team PosiTude every single day -- you will find announcements, brainstorming threads and other new coaches to connect with!