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Introduce your kids to the “World of Woo” and have a calmer household in days!

Have you started a crystal collection and caught your little ones admiring them? Have a few crystals even started to disappear? “What are these pretty rocks mommy is collecting?” :::puts a crystal in their pocket:::

Did you know your child’s fascination with crystals isn’t only with how they look but also how they make them feel? Yes, it’s true. Kids can feel crystals’ natural energy! When my then 4-year-old was having nightmares I had her pick out a crystal to put under her pillow and she finally started sleeping through the night!

Kids are much more intuitive and connected than adults!

Since beginning my spiritual journey 4 years ago I have watched my curious children tap into their intuition, quickly recover from anxious thoughts, and even manifest some amazing things.

As a Certified Crystal Healer and Reiki II Practitioner, I get questions every day about how I use these amazing spiritual tools with my family, especially my child who suffers with anxiety. I decided it was time to compile my best practices and share them with you!


Introducing the Woo for Wee™ Workshop Series!

Learn how to encourage spiritual and personal growth with your kiddos through this “mama and me” exclusive 4-part workshop! This series is fun, engaging, and each workshop is under an hour because this mama of four knows your time is valuable and attention spans are short! 


The Workshops!

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Workshop #1:

Mindfulness & Meditation


  • The difference between mindfulness and meditation.
  • The importance of both and the science behind meditation.
  • Kids not sleeping well? We’ll chat about how creating a routine can help your child sleep better.
  • how I use mindfulness in the midst of my child's panic attacks.
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Workshop #2:

Gratitude for Growth


  • Why having a gratitude practice is so important and how to start one.
  • How affirmations help children go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and how that can help them as they move through childhood.
  • My go-to resources for instilling a growth mindset.
  • Acts of kindness and “See Something, Do Something”.
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Workshop #3:

Crystals are Cool!


  • Interactive science lesson on how crystals work with our energy.
  • Introducing crystals to your kids.
  • How you can use certain crystals to help your children through difficult times (sleep struggles, worries, anxiety, etc.)
  • Nikki's beginner stone recommendations AND Molly's recommendations.
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Workshop #4:

Manifest More


  • Why kids are amazing manifestors.
  • An easy, fun way to help your child manifest and why teaching them about manifestation this young is so important.
  • My 9-year-old shares how she has manifested things like songs she wants to hear in the car, the golden egg in an easter egg hunt, and even her own baby sister!!!
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Bundle All 4 and SAVE 20% !

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What You'll Get:

  • 4 30+ minute-long workshops with Nikki
  • 4 Q&A's with Nikki after each workshop
  • Lifetime access to a private platform to watch recordings


  • Crystals by Color cheat sheet - pick the crystal for your favorite color!
  • Printable journal pages tailored for your kiddo
  • The Woo for Wee coloring book pdf
  • Affirmations for your Wee
  • Reiki-infused manifestation slips
  • A bubbling exercise to help your kiddo protect their energy
Woo for Wee Bundle

“Think of something you want and believe in it so hard your brain starts to hurt”

- Advice on Manifesting by Molly (Age 9)

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Nikki!

I am a lover of life and all things Woo. I am a mother of 4 (yes, meditation is very necessary) and a wife to my wonderful husband, Ben. (he might even have a larger crystal collection than me!)

I am a Certified Crystal Healer through the Hibiscus Moon Academy, a Reiki Level II Practitioner and a Spiritual Life Coach.

Typically, you will find me leading ambitious women looking to dive into the "Woo Woo World" through my signature course, Woo Woo 101 but so many mamas were asking me about how to get their kiddos involved that Woo for Wee was born!

Nikki with amethyst geode